Planned Maintenance

From annual servicing of plumbing valves to periodical cleaning of gutters and any other repetitious servicing requirements. We can arrange for the works to be pre planned and scheduled and follow up on any documentation or sign off requirements.

Plumbing (24/7 Emergency Response)

We offer 24/7 emergency call out for those problems that arise at the worst possible moment and we can also provide quotes for any works you are planning to do in the future. Whether its drainage works to roofing and all in between, domestic or commercial, we can cater to your requirements.

Electrical Work

Whatever your electrical requirements are, we can assist. Our electrical team have a broad experience from the most minor of maintenance to full installations. We also provide a test and tag service to ensure your equipment is in a safe working condition.

Testing and Tagging of Electrical Equipment

We can provide you with your requirements to annually test and tag all of your leads, tools and appliances. We take pride in our service of keeping your equipment in compliant operation and keeping you and your clients safe from electrical hazards.

Heating and Cooling Installation and Servicing

Our team of Heating and Cooling experts are able to undertake repairs to your existing system or provide you with up to date, modern new systems that meet your current installation requirements.

Curtain and Blinds Installation and Repairs

We are able to measure and install quality window furnishings and we have an array of curtain and blind options to meet your budget and your space.

Minor Building Works

We can provide the appropriate manpower to maintain your house or building. We have team members to complete small repairs and maintenance or we can provide you with a quote for those more complex projects.

Gardening & Lawn Mowing

We offer a full range of services for the upkeep of your lawns and gardens. If you require a scheduled program of upkeep to a once off major clean up, we are happy to cater to your need.

Gutter Cleaning

We have a modern ducted vacuum system that allows us to clear your gutters without having to access the roof, to eliminate safety issues. If your job is larger and requires roof access, our team are trained in the safe access of roof areas.

Tight access and medium sized earth works

We have excavators and a bobcat to conduct any earthworks you may need. If your access is restricted, or more extensive, we can provide the appropriate machinery to complete the job.


For all your fencing needs we have a specialised team that can provide a fence that will meet your expectation and will last the test of time.


Painting is one of those chores that takes up much of your valuable time. Let us take the worry away and finish that job for you. We can provide the right people to patch a small job or provide a quote for those larger jobs.

Flat Pack and Furniture Assembly

How frustrating is it to have your recent Ikea purchase 90% complete, to then realise you’ve missed a critical component and have to pull it all apart and start again. Our service is not limited to the construction of all your recent purchases, we are happy to also do those odd jobs like hanging a picture frame or moving furniture around the house.

Trades Project Management

If your time is better spent managing your own work or personal needs, let us take the lead of your project, and work with you, to have your project completed to your satisfaction. We have extensive experience in project management and can complete your projects on time and on budget.

Review of Planned Maintenance Scheduling

With extensive experience in the review of your buildings Essential Safety Measures we can audit and recommend scheduling of your planned maintenance. We have a dedicated team who we can draw on their experience to meet your needs and take away the stress of trying to meet ever changing regulations.